Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spleens, cross and brakes

(photo stolen from Russell)

I had Christopher's appointment today with the oncologist. It was scary walking into the waiting room and seeing the sick kids and all the info. on cancer support services. Luckily, we probably do not need any of it. After our appointment, he had blood drawn and I have another appointment for him in four weeks.

Tom & I went up to the cross race near Madison. Unfortunately, I came down with a bad cold on Thursday that hit me full force on Friday. I took allergy and cold meds before the races on both Sat. & Sun. and it seemed to work okay but I'm still kind of sick today (thus, the late posting). The courses were great--my brakes were not. I can't get my tiny hands around the Shimanos. I went through the tape on the turns on Sat. and then went through the same section again later in the race. On Sunday I used my old cross bike which is heavier but I can brake! Yea! My legs were definitely not feeling as good on Saturday but I still did pretty good. 9th out of 13 on Sat. 10th out of 12 on Sun. I won money on both days which pretty much paid for my entry fees so that was really cool.

I checked out lots of people's brakes AND found out I can order from QBP with my part-time gig with the bike fed. so I'm going to buy the SRAM Rivals along with a new front and rear derailleurs. The thing that sucks is that CBF only does orders once a month and I haven't heard back from the guy of when they do it.

I want to do the Wisconsin cross race on Sat. and the DeKalb race on Sunday so hopefully I get better soon.

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