Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Race registration

The Bartlett CX course was put on by ABD. Unfortunately, I didn't have a say in course layout. It was slightly more technical, I think, than last year but still mainly wide open. It did seem like we had more of an incline this year. I was 7th out of 8, which would have been 8th out of 9 but Holly had a major mechanical that took her out of the race early on. I had a crappy start and couldn't get my right foot clipped in or get it to even stay on the pedal. I then got ahead Imelda and a xXx girl. I was ahead of both for awhile and then the xXx girl came flying past me and I couldn't keep up.

I did get to race on the SRAM Rival's. I didn't have a problem shifting the wrong way but we do still have to do a little tweaking as I was having a really hard time getting in my big ring during the race.

My best performance of the day was registration. I volunteered as soon as I got changed after my race. During Tom's race the wind really picked up and would have knocked the registration tent over except for Kevin Klug and various others who helped hold it up until it could be taken down. Christopher handled it fairly well and Holly, thankfully, took him until Tom's race ended. People still kept coming in to register and one guy actually tried to shove his registration forms in my hand while I was taking someone elses. There had to have been 10 people holding up the tent at this point, I was on the other side of the table as a pole had came loose knocking over the stuff that had been behind me and my chair and stuff was still flying all over the place.

I also have to thank Debbie for buying Christopher a truck. It makes cool noises and has levers and kept him entertained during most of the time I was volunteering. Christopher has been quite the demon at times lately but I lucked out on Sunday, thanks in part to his cool new toy. Thanks.

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