Monday, October 20, 2008

Racing, cops & braking

Not only did I get pulled over today by the police, but the guy actually called for back up. Why? The light illuminating my rear license plate was out. I was at a village board meeting for the local paper and, as I'm driving out of town, I see lights behind me. He takes my license and I sit. After awhile I look up and see two sets of lights and the two of them chatting. Finally, both officers come up to the car -- one on each side with the guy on my passenger side having his hands ready like he's going to shoot me or something if I make a wrong move. The other one gives me a written warning ticket. It'd be amusing as hell if I wasn't so annoyed.

Racing was bad and good. My race in WI on Saturday sucked. The legs felt like crap, my mounts sucked, my dismounts sucked. I prerode and figured I should ride my Schwinn with the disc brakes and second guessed myself only to then keep going off course.

Sunday was great. Great course. I finished 8th out of 13 which included two Cat. 1 girls and two Cat. 2 girls. And, I won socks and a water bottle. = )

I was finally able to order my SRAM Rival stuff today for the Trek XO after almost a month. Then, Calamity! Tragedy! Horrors! I got an email that they don't have rear derailleurs. So, now, I have to try track one down so I can finally race this weekend my new cross bike with brakes that I can actually brake with.

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