Thursday, October 23, 2008

Conversion is almost complete

Tom is down in the basement as I type finishing putting all the SRAM stuff on my cross bike. I'm so excited! What is not exciting is the stupid rain. I couldn't ride to take Christopher to story time tonight, it's supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday morning. Icky.

I was reading my report on Carpentersville and realized how short it was. Things have been way too hectic around here. I wanted to add that I was really excited about the race. I just barely held off getting lapped by Rebecca Much (which could have very well been her being nice). I beat both xXx girls that I've been going back and forth with -- which is especially cool considering that I had raced the day before and I'm pretty sure they had not. And, I had won the water bottle and socks -- which is the first time I have ever won anything as a Cat. 3. = )

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Julie said...

hey, winning something is winning something!