Monday, October 6, 2008


(photo courtesy of Sheri)

I opted for a full weekend of racing and went up to CamRock on Saturday and then did the ChiCrossCup DeKalb race on Sunday. I rode well on Saturday and was 6th out of 8th until about 1.5 laps to go where I got passed on a flat section and couldn't keep up.

I was a little concerned about Sunday that my legs would be toast and that I still have a lingering cold. The legs actually did pretty well but I kept screwing up the same friggin' turn -- wiping out once good enough to turn my brake/shifters and another time good enough to screw up my rear derailleur. I was 6th out of 9 for a good chunk of the race and went back and forth with a girl but I screwed up the turn yet again and then couldn't catch back up with her on the pavement sections. Still, I was mostly pleased. It was a fast course and I wasn't sure how I'd do after racing the day before. My starts totally blow though. I think I'm being too tentative and am going to try to be more aggressive to get closer to the front for the next race. Of course, being faster would help too.

Well, I can get an awesome deal on the SRAM Rival's but will have to wait probably a month to get them or I can get some used short-reach Shimano's at a good price a hell of a lot sooner. I know the SRAM's would work for me. I'm not sure about the Shimano's. Decisions, decisions.

No word yet on Christopher's blood test results. So, hopefully, that's a good sign.

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Christine said...

You look like a pro!