Thursday, September 4, 2008

New bike, lots of rides and rain

Christopher got a new bike -- a Trek with 12 inch wheels. The photo is of his first ride (not including in the store). At first, it was a little hard for him as it is a lot heavier than his little Radio Flyer bike and it's his first bike with brakes. But, he's getting the hang of it pretty quick and was riding around a little yesterday evening at the bottom of the big grassy hill at Palos.

I was able to get out for nearly three-hour rides Saturday, Sunday and Monday which was wonderful. Sunday's ride was pretty short since I had just got to Psychopath when I encountered two guys off their bikes at the first little log. One of them had gone over it, nose dived and flew into a tree shattering the helmet. He was sitting on the ground with his camelback bladder held up to his eye -- the area around which was already reddish-purple-ish. I had actually printed out a map of the trails thinking I'd be adventurous after Psychopath and Turf 1 so I used the map and called Tom to figure out the best way to get him to where his friend could pick him up. It took 40 minutes but there was really no way I could leave them there without them having any idea of how to get back. Tom also got in long mountainbike rides on Sat. and Monday and did a ride on the paved trails with Christopher on Sunday. I caught up with them as they were coming home on Sunday which was nice since Christopher kept saying "Hi mommy!"

This afternoon my mother is watching the little guy and I had hoped to ride the course for Sunday's race but it's been constant rain. We did both get a quick lap in yesterday evening after picking up the packets. I actually had a meeting I had to attend for the local paper at 8 p.m. so, while Tom was riding, I was changing and trying to get everything ready. I shut the rear window and then hear the front car door shut. Christopher comes walking over to me but the keys are still in the car and he had managed to lock all the car doors first. I had to flag down about 5 guys riding by before I found one with a cell phone (mine being in the car). While we were waiting for Tom to finish riding and my dad to pick me up, poor Christopher kept asking for juice and his helmet not understanding why I wouldn't get them out of the car for him.

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