Thursday, September 11, 2008

Commuting surprises

I had to go to the village of LaGrange on Wednesday afternoon. I was running late so I took LaGrange Road/Route 45 all the way there -- about 15 miles. The majority of the ride was actually quite nice as there are now huge shoulders about a lane wide from 111th Street through Archer. I had looked at a map put out by the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation (CBF) and took the recommended route home. It was better up until Archer--the map has Willow Springs/Flavin Road highlighted as the preferred route. There's no shoulder, the road is crumbling at the sides and cars are just flying by trying to avoid traffic on LaGrange. Who would've thunk Route 45 would actually be the safest street to ride on in that area?

On Sept. 22 I'll get to attend an all-day training on the bike for the new part-time gig I have with CBF. Very cool. The job may only go through July so I'll have to enjoy it while I can. Hopefully, I have better luck getting people to commute than I've had with Tom. He hasn't commuted since he got stung on the tongue.

We just got our trail-gator thing yesterday. It's supposed to let me connect Christopher's bike to my bike, kind of like a tandem. I'll post pics and a review once we get it put together.

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