Wednesday, August 27, 2008

belated race report

(Image courtesy of mountaingoat)

Tom & I decided to trek up to the Border Battle this weekend. I was concerned with how Christopher would handle that long in the RV but it didn't go as bad as I thought it might. I had stocked up on books, DVD's and a puzzle at the library and brought a bunch of toys and other puzzles.
The course was awesome. Logs, bridges -- I was really glad to ride it but was not so sure how it would be racing with comp guys behind me. As it turned out, the WORS guys were fine for the most part. It was the Minn. guys who were a pain in the butt -- passing without letting me know, bumping me, etc. as they passed and actually wanting me to come to a stop so they could get around me. What ticks me off even more is I had told this group that one could pass me now and I'd find a spot quickly for the rest to pass. No one passed me and then they tell me to stop. I got over as far as I could to the left (so as not to fall off the trail to the right) and was annoyed I ended up having to put a foot down as they went by.
My start blew and I couldn't make up for it. I was able to line up in the front, even without a call up. But, by the top of the hill there was a gap between me and the girl ahead of me. Normally, my heart rate shoots up for the start but I couldn't get it up high and didn't feel like I was going as hard as I should be able to. Weird. I'm guessing it's because I got less than a half-hour warm up but am not sure. I will be so happy for cross season when I race first and will actually get to warm up.
What sucked even more than my start was that I guess there was some type of wind burst right after the start of the race that ripped our awning off the RV and destroyed our EZ up. We had put up the EZ up with the screen so I could warm up on the trainer and try to keep Christopher contained but it turned out that Tom hadn't brought the trainer. So, it sucked even more since I'd still have the EZ up if it just hadn't been put up in the first place.
For Tom it was even worse since he had crashed good enough during his race that he actually cracked his helmet. His shoulder is still a little sore today.

My last lap of the race ended up being my fastest lap. I may have to try some more endurance races but I'm probably not heading up to Green Bay this weekend. I've had a cold most of the week and will finally be getting back on my bike this evening to ride to a school board meeting. I'm probably going to stay home and ride the Palos trails. We'll see.

On the job front, I had interviewed with a bike group last week for a position where I would actually help people commute by bike and walk. A job that I would seem to be made for since I get so excited planning my bike commutes. I actually thought the interview didn't go that well and that they seemed to think I actually biked too much. But, they contacted me for professional references and I know they've called at least one of them so hope, hope. It would be a part-time position that I could do from home but would only last probably until July.

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