Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love cross

I fricking love cross. I went to a Bandit cross training race tonight. I have some minor shifting and other issues I need to get fixed by Sunday but, as I was coming home, I just kept thinking I love cross. Although I find it so odd that the bottom of the top tube on the '08 Trek XO's come to an almost point. I got a bruise on my shoulder from a clinic I went to on Saturday where he had us practicing shouldering the bike.

I feel like I'm living in invasion of the body snatchers and someone took my little boy and replaced him with this big one. Christopher is no longer using a high chair and we took the side off the crib to turn it into a toddler bed.

I don't have photos of the trail-gator yet but we did try it out briefly on Sunday. We hooked Christopher's bike up to my old hardtail and I pedaled very slowly for a couple of houses with Tom jogging alongside Christopher. Christopher seemed to like it but it will be quite awhile before I'm actually able to take him the mile to mini pre-school or anything on it. I just bought a big dorky handlebar mirror for the bike so I can keep an eye on him.

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