Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tom proved me wrong

I keep joking we will be in the emergency room any day with Christopher. We were in the immediate care center last night but it was actually because of Tom. As he was riding his bike home from the train station last night, a bug flew in his mouth. Normally, not a big deal although a little gross. Well, soon after he spit the bug out, his tongue started to swell. By the time he got home, his tongue was huge. We should have took a photo but didn't think of it. He took a Claritin but the swelling increased more so, after a search to find Christopher's Elmo doll, we were off. We were there about an hour and a half. The Claritin had started to kick in by then so Tom got a prescription for some steroids but only needs to take them if it gets worse.

Christopher thought the whole thing was great fun. There was another 2-year-old there briefly, he got to run around, he played with a pay phone, figured out how to make water come out of the water fountain AND an ambulance and fire truck came to take some poor woman to the nearby hospital. The firemen waved to Christopher and said hi to him both as they were coming in as well as when they were leaving. So, for Tom, the evening sucked. For Christopher, it probably ranks up there with his birthday. I just kept thinking I was hungry and felt like I needed a nap after chasing Christopher around.

I signed up for the criterium in Downers Grove on Saturday. It's a 3/4 race so I am so totally going to get my butt kicked. Not only am I slow as hell but, with Christopher and my insane schedule, I have not done any group rides in more than a year and have only done a few criteriums. It's only 20 minutes so the humilation will be short. = )

Then, afterward, I get to cover a "Bike and Dine" event in Homewood, IL for the local paper. The race is at 2 p.m. and the event starts at 4 p.m. so Tom will drop me off but I should be able to ride home. I'm very excited. It's almost like getting paid to ride. = )


velogrrl said...

Good Luck in the DG cat 3/4 crit! Are you going back there on Sunday to watch the Pro race at 3?

vegan said...

Probably not. We actually found someone to watch Christopher so Tom & I can actually both go to a group ride at Palos. It has to have been years since we both were at a group ride together.

Christine said...

Let it Rip! Good luck at DG race!

MTB Vegan said...

The Bike and Dine soudns o fun, I am jealous!