Friday, August 8, 2008

First failed commute

Monday was the first commute I had to bail on. I rode to a village board meeting that was about 12 miles away. I was kind of excited because I had changed my route slightly from the last time I went and it went much smoother -- less traffic, smoother roads. Then, they cut the meeting short because there is a tornado warning. The forecast had said there was a chance of rain but it seemed like it would be later in the night and there had been no mention of tornadoes. It's not raining yet but I have to ask the mayor a few questions before I go. The mayor then decides I'm not allowed to leave; I have to call to have someone pick me up. Ick. So, I call Tom back and tell him to drive out to Evergreen Park. The mayor then decides I need to leave the building and that a squad will take me somewhere to meet up with Tom. It ends up that the police chief drove me and my bike to my parents where Tom was waiting in the driveway. The village officials said I could leave my bike there. Yeah right. I was trying to get in a low-intensity wattage workout and had actually brought my road bike. There was no way I was leaving it.

The rest of my week has been even more insanely hectic, stressful and busy than usual as I was doing part-time stuff for the local paper, attended two local meetings for them with a total of four articles, did some part-time stuff for a bike group and churned out 10 articles for the commercial real estate publication. Whew. Tonight I have to stand up in a wedding. I'd rather ride my bike home with the tornado warning.

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