Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My demon turned 2

(Photo from last week's B-day party)
Christopher turned two-years-old today. It's hard to believe he is both so old and that it was only slightly more than two years ago that I actually had some control of what I do. It's a good thing he's a cutie because he has been on a tear lately -- jumping, throwing everything, kicking and even occasionally biting me for the fun of it.
I will soon be changing jobs, sort of. For more than the past year and a half I have been churning out 10 articles a week in what they term as a part-time position. This is in addition to writing some articles for the local paper and working a few hours a month for League of Illinois Bicyclists. A temporary part-time job opened up at the paper and I jumped at an excuse to quit the 10 articles a week. Of course, once the temp. position ends I'll probably have to try to scrounge up some additional income but I'm hoping to actually have a small amount of free-time instead of working every night 'til 1 or 2 in the morning. The other bad thing is I start the part-time job immediately but still have a week and a half to go before I quit doing two articles a day for the other publication. So, I will be an extremely stressed, tired and cranking camper until then.

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MTB Vegan said...

happy b-day christopher!

Congrats on the new job too. Hopefully the next week or so goes by in a hurry so you can relax in the new job!