Monday, July 21, 2008

Foiled, and foiled again

My plan was to do the 12-hour race at Crystal Ridge on Saturday. I've been pretty exhausted lately but I was still excited since (1) I love that course, (2) it would be a good warm-up for the WORS race this weekend and (3) it'd be a good warm-up for 24/9. I've only done one six-hour race this year and that would have been my only 12-hour race. Updates kept saying 50/50 chance. I get there to find a one-hour delay. By the time they cancelled it, I was glad. By then, I was in no mood to race. I did some shopping at the Wal-Mart in search of these Wal-Mart brand PB crackers we could only find north of the border but, apparently, they no longer make them. I did find a present for Christopher's birthday, a small backpack for commuting and a few other things so it wasn't all lost.

I got back home, took a nap (I had gotten up by 5 a.m.) and had plans to do a nice long ride on paved trails by my house to Old Plank Trail and possibly even trying to find how it hooks up with the I & M Canal Trail. I didn't get started 'til 4 p.m. and was at Central and Vollmer when I hear hissing coming from the back. I cross the street and turn around thinking Crap! because I suck at changing tires. I then realize the tube is sticking out of the tire. Double crap. I call Tom who comes out with a new rear tire. After sitting in the heat for 20+ minutes and learning our last tube is now on my rear wheel, I say screw it. We get my bike in the car, get home and I went with Tom & Christopher (with Tom pulling) for a long loop. A total of only about 2 hours.

Sunday was Christopher's 2nd birthday party at a local park. It was a little toasty but everyone seemed to have a good time. Christopher was running all over the place -- from the slides/swings area to the tennis courts, to the basketball court, to where people were sitting, etc. Last year, he didn't really enjoy his party so it was nice that he had so much fun this year. I have some pics but I have to still figure out how to post those. = )

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