Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here we go...

After lurking and reading other people's blogs for more than a year, I finally created my own blog. I should actually thank Julie. I needed to sign on to post a comment and, when I went to change my profile to display "vegan" instead of my first name, I decided to take the plunge.

But, I do not have too much that's interesting for my first post. I commuted to a local village board meeting. I had another person beep at me as if bikes are not allowed on the road -- mind you he was in the left lane of a two-laned street and I was in the right lane as far right as I could be. The people who pull out of parking lots, or turn at intersections, without looking for pedestrians or bikers really annoyed me this evening making me want to pound on some stupid lady's car.

I can't decide if I actually want to race at Crystal Ridge on Saturday or not. I hate muddy races but I hate even more the suspense of whether a race will go on. I almost just want it to rain so I know and can just sleep in -- of course, with a two-year-old who am I kidding about thinking I can sleep in? = )

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