Monday, November 2, 2009

CX Love

(photo of 4b race from Nikki Cyp)

I love cross.

I was bummed Halloween was on a Saturday this year as I couldn't go up to the Milwaukee race. Although Christopher had a great time. He had school parties Thursday and Friday, we went to the mall trick-or-treating on Friday, visited my mom and Tom's aunt at Tastee Freez Saturday and then trick-or-treating. He went in the afternoon with me, hung around eating candy and then went in the evening with Tom. Massive sugar buzz.

Sunday, I left them to fend for themselves and went to St. Charles. It was muddy -- which is an understatement. There was a ditch after a barrier that I desperately tried to ride in the preride. Most guys could just hop over it and I was dreading how slow I'd be slopping through it with my short legs. I lined up and had a great start. I was 4th for awhile. Diane from Planet Bike got past me as did Lara from Mox. Lara went down on a turn and I was excited thinking I'd get past her when a Cat 3 guy wiped out immediately in front of me. I never was able to catch back up with her. I went back and forth with Diane and actually finished ahead of her. I'm sure she raced on Saturday but I'll take my victories where I can get them. It was a great race for me and I was actually 5th out of 10. I won $10 which paid for my 4B race. I was absolutely soaked and changed shorts, jersey, socks and shoes.

I actually got a call-up for the 4B race, which I was initially excited about 'til Jason called up a heck of a lot of people. Still, being in front for these races is key since 70-something people is a heck of a lot more than the 10 that started the Women's 123. I had loads of fun and actually ended up 21 out of 69 finishers (with 1 DNF). Woo hoo! I avoided all the food handups, since a vegan food handup is pretty unlikely. I did take a dollar hand-up my last lap. My first money handup! Woo hoo!

So, it was crazy wet and muddy and insanely fun! I love cross and can't wait 'til Northbrook. Nats is out forseeing a miracle -- but I keep trying to scheme one up. If anyone wants to drive to Oregon in an RV with a three-year-old and/or wants to watch a three-year-old so I can preride, warmup, race let me know. = )

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Julie said...

Woo hoo! Go Gina!