Monday, November 16, 2009

Golf courses & CX

(photo courtesy of RKryszak)

I did a total of three races this weekend. All went okay, nothing stellar, nothing horrible.
Saturday was the Chicago cross race in Bloomingdale. I went there on Friday hoping to preride and helped out with the course for a couple of hours. I was totally unsure of the course. It had some great technical aspects but also a lot of power sections. I was annoyed that I didn't ride the first sandpit clean one single time in my two races. I rode the hill after the second barrier most of the laps in the women's race. It ended up being faster to run it and I have to sometimes remind myself that being faster is the whole goal. I ended up 10th out of 13. Not a great result but I still won $35.

Second race was the Men's 4B. I wasn't sure if I should race since I wanted to do the cross race in Janesville on Sunday. In hindsight, I probably should have skipped it but it was still fun. I could see Bob from Beverly Vee Pak and Mike aka Supergirl slightly ahead of me for most of the race. The last lap I was able to get past Bob which actually yielded me 30th place out of 73 finishers and 2 DNF. An additional point towards a series score. = )

Sunday was Janesville. As we were driving there Tom was reading me what Jeremy was posting on Facebook. I was not exactly jumping for joy or in excitement as we arrived to the course. The course was okay but there seemed to be a lot of gradual climbs. My legs were not happy with doing a third race after the couple of hours of coursework on Friday and racing twice on Saturday. My goal was to finish up my races in the Wis. series without an additional DFL. I was not completely sure if I would accomplish that or not. Seven of us lined up, including Melissa who just catted up and I usually am right around in 3/4 or age group races. I actually started fairly well and was in 4th for a good part of the first lap. Heather C. got past me and then I tried to dismount on the right side so I could run on the right edge after a barrier. I tipped over and another girl got past me making me sixth where I would stay the rest of the race. Sixth out of 7. So, goal accomplished. Besides tipping over, there were no huge mistakes. My average heartrate was lower than normal though. I'm guessing the two races the day before and a lack of sleep lately worrying over finances.

We'll be doing the last two Chicago races and we've already paid for Jingle Cross so we'll be doing those as well. I'll be sad to see cross season end but that will of course mean spending a little less cash. Although, I did get a dollar handup during the women's race on Saturday which meant I actually got $1 dollar more than I spent. = )

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Julie said...

IMO the best part of Saturday's race was that folks were FINALLY doing handups for women's races! I got my first ever dollar.