Monday, October 26, 2009

An anniversary, small successes & things to work on

(Photo courtesy of the Glinka's)

Saturday was Tom & I's ninth wedding anniversary. We had planned to do a small trip -- in part, to satisfy Christopher's constant requests for a trip with the RV. And, what could be better than doing a cross race for your anniversary? = ) We had figured on doing Saturday's Wisconsin race, coming back part of the way and then racing the ABD CX race in Bartlett on Sunday. The cancelled race changed that. I ended up getting a lot of work done while Tom and Christopher hung out. Then, we visited Tastee-Freeze, hung out with his aunt and cousins and stuffed our faces.

Sunday was the ABD cross race. Even though my club puts on the race, I was not looking forward to it. It's a fast course and I'm not fast. My goal was to not be last for either the women's race or the Men's 4A (I'd rather do 4B but it was full). I did accomplish both goals. I was 10th out of 12 (with 13 starters) for the Women's race and 62 out of 73 finishers in the men's 4A race. I lost a lot of spaces in the men's race right after the first set of barriers. As I went to hop on, someone hit my right leg causing me to somehow make it on my bike seat while my right leg was wrapped around the left side of the seat post and then over the rear tire. I have a nice scrape on my shin from the tire but nothing else. I did have to stop and untangle myself from my contortionist pose though. Other than that, I picked off guys one by one and was mostly pleased with my race.

Except -- there was a slight downhill and then right turn into a single barrier. I had no real issues with it in my first race. For my second race, I crashed/tipped over two out of the three times. Second lap, I went to hop back on, didn't hop high enough, got my shorts caught on the seat, fell back on the tire tipped over. What a dork.
Third lap, I went to get off my bike for the barrier, slid in the mud, tipped over. Dork.
So, obiviously, I need to work on still being smooth and keeping good technique when I'm fatigued.

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