Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm not dead, I just feel like I'm on my way

Everything has been insanely busy -- which I keep telling myself is a good thing. I've heard about way too many people losing jobs lately. So, the fact that I have way, way too much work to do I'm sure is enviable. And, I only have to survive until June 1. But, I'm still not sure how I'm going to survive with my sanity until then.

Christopher has really been doing well on his bike without pedals. Last year, he would not even ride it. He kept pointing to where pedals would be and saying "On." Now, he's cruising around and lifting up both feet so he can coast. He just needs a little more practice, and a little bit nicer weather, and I think we may be able to start trying to get the training wheels off his little Trek.

His vocabularly is really jumping lately. He said something today like "I drink my milk. I'm thirsty" and I was in absolute shock. I'd like to say I'm a wonderful mom but it's really the preschool. The preschool had to call me on Wednesday to pick him up as he had a fever. He'd been really tired on Tuesday but I thought it was just being tired and didn't even take his temperature. So, I guess I won't being getting the best mother medal any time soon. Too bad -- Christopher really likes playing with medals. = )

I'm happy the weather is getting nicer and I can get more riding done outside. I went to the Kenosha training race last Sunday. It was a really slow pace but I was actually able to stay with the pack the whole time so I was happy. I was second for the Cat. 4's (out of a whopping three) but I think I was 5th overall. My final sprint sucked. Tom did well too and actually took 5th for the Cat. 5.


velogrrl said...

are you racing again at Kenosha this Sunday?

vegan said...

Amy, sorry for the late reply but, yes, I will be there tomorrow.