Wednesday, April 8, 2009


First, before I rant, Happy Easter to everyone! I had to go through the line for the Easter Bunny three times to get that photo. Christopher would squat and bark at the bunny, try to beat the bunny with his blanket and try to brush the bunny's fur with his brush. But, he would not sit on the bunny's lap or even stand in front of the bunny. I had to grab him and then tickle him to make him smile.

People are complete idiots. Two of the candidates were a man who was a teacher and then a principal for the district who is now retired and a superintendent for a different district who is retiring in June. Both seem like very intelligent guys and I think it's great they are willing to give up their time to serve on the school board (you don't get any type of pay or stipend to be a board member). I'm sure you know where I'm going with this --neither received enough votes. This woman who seems to be a complete idiot was the top vote getter. Flipping channels, we came across the meet the candidates thing on the cable access channel. Seriously, she is an utter imbecile. I'm just totally disgusted right now.

Things are still insanely busy. I'm making lots of phone calls to tell people about a class LIB is doing and still doing 15 hours a week for the other bike group besides covering meetings here and there for the local paper. I really, really need a spring break. Unfortunately, being self-employed means no spring breaks or vacation days. It'll get much easier after June 1 -- I keep telling myself.

I just did a tentative race schedule and it's depressing that it seems to have mainly road stuff on it. I'd much rather be racing in dirt but the road races are a lot closer and neither Tom or I can see Christopher handling the long trek to WORS races or Christopher actually letting me warm up. Who knows, maybe all this roadie stuff might actually make me faster. = )

I'll be doing a Fix a Flat workshop at My Bike in Tinley Park on Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. if anyone is bored. No throwing things though. = )

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Julie said...

wowsa, you are busy! well, congrats on getting that photo, and TAKE A DAY OFF!