Thursday, February 19, 2009

Insanely busy

Last weekend, we bought Christopher a new bathing suit. He's in a water babies class and he's been wearing a suit for 12-month-olds. It actually still kind of fits. The new one is a 2T and is almost like pants. He got to pick it out and, obviously, really likes it. He took the tag off himself and next thing I knew he was running around like the above photo -- a flannel pajama top, swim trunks and snow boots. Fashion designer is probably not going to be a future career for him.
I don't know how often I'll be posting. It's been insanely busy and will likely continue through the end of May. It's mainly job-related so the extra cash will be nice to help pay off mine & Tom's bikes. You can see Tom's bike in the background behind Christopher.


velogrrl said...

how exciting to have new bikes in the family! all three of your bikes sorta match - all Treks with a touch of blue. those are cute pics of Christopher.

vegan said...

The matching bikes wasn't planned but, yeah, we do match. Tom got an insanely great deal on his and I basically decided that, if he got a new bike, so did I. Very mature, I know. = )