Monday, October 24, 2011


I feel bad that I did not go to the CX race yesterday to help out with registration, heckle people & ring a cowbell. But, I had a feeling it would just depress me so Tom volunteered at registration & I stayed home.
It was a beautiful day & I was dying to go ride. I asked Christopher if he wanted to go ride some trails. Nope (which was probably good since I'm not supposed to be riding outside). So, instead, we looked through a booklet I have with all of the village parks in it & I let him pick one to go to. The park had a boat, a castle, a compass on the ground, a net thing to climb up with alligators in the sand, swings & this type of log/tight-rope type thing. I'm pretty sure they did not have parks like this when I was a kid.

Afterwards, we came home & watched "Megamind," which we had borrowed from the library and was pretty good. Tom came home, we ate & then I did a short interval work out on the trainer.

Today is mine & Tom's 11-year anniversary. Nothing exciting planned. The toilet downstairs sprung some type of leak, which Tom will have to look at when he gets home & I'm hoping to go do running hill intervals at Palos.

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Julie said...

wow, that does look like a rad park! don't sweat sitting out a race-- way better than going and coming to resent them.