Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CX & Life

Saturday I went to the CX race in Grafton. Tom's grandmother had been in the hospital but seemed to be doing better on Friday so we decided kind of last minute that I would go. Christopher got us up before my alarm could; so, I got there early enough to get a couple of laps in before my race. I had forgotten the hill until I started preriding. It is a monster that makes you wonder whether you will make it up or not, rideable sand, lots of turns and one small muddy section that made my bike covered with mud. I wasn't sure how I would do but felt pretty good.

There was a slightly smaller group than last week, with about a dozen starters. I ended up 8th. A few girls got past me that I couldn't reel back in but I did manage to keep Heather Curnutt behind me -- who beats me somewhat frequently so was a small victory. I also ended ahead of Melissa Putzer, who I tend to go back and forth with and who was having an off day.

While cooling down, I called Tom and heard that his grandmother was doing much worse. I got home as soon as I could so he could get to the hospital and hurried up and got cleaned up and changed so Christopher & I could go to a family wedding -- which is where the above photo was taken.

Sunday's course was awesome but my head wasn't in it. Tom came and volunteered and opted not to race.
(Photo credit Louis Fernandez)

I started horribly. I didn't necessarily race horribly but felt horrible.

Michael Angus posted a video from my race, which is great in that it shows the technical aspects that I am good at and doesn't showcase my lack of speed or fitness: http://youtu.be/nVDTqzO7zsM

We left very soon after my race so Tom could get back to the hospital. Christopher wanted to visit her too. We were really unsure about it but decided we didn't want to deny him his request. That didn't go great but didn't go horrible either. Tom's grandmother is now home with hospice. She is more comfortable at home but it is obviously a very hard time for us and Tom's family.

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