Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Last weekend rocked. We left on Friday at about 11:30 a.m. which let us get to Sun Prairie in time for me to preride the course. It was quite similar to last year -- lots of turns, off cambr stuff, but also a hellacious run up. I tried to find good lines, practiced turns, etc. and was psyched to race. Christopher got to play at their awesome park so he was excited as well.

When we got to the number pick up, Christopher wanted to stay in the RV so I just grabbed my number and we left being able to camp at the race site, which rocked. I got up early and rode the course before the men's 4 race started around 8:20 a.m. or so, warmed up and that stood around waiting for the race to start. I had a good start but my legs felt like lead from waiting around for the start. I'm passing girls, feeling good, I'm hopping back on my bike after the run-up and get bumped. Ugh. My pedal gets stuck on a post, I finally get it off and I get run into from behind. Crap. Get my pedal unstuck again and then play catch up the rest of the race, going back and forth with Courtney from xXx and one or two others. I ended up 12th out of 43 finishers. I was pretty excited once I saw results because I seriously had no idea where I was. Unfortunately, Sue crashed on the first lap and broke her arm. When I passed her, I figured her wheel slid out in the turn and she would soon be behind me. Looks like her CX season is done but she'll be spending lots of time on the trainer and kicking butt next year.

We watched the fast women and men race which was a load of fun and got to socialize which is always fun. Watching Jeremy Powers ride up the run up was awesome. Since we were camped in the parking lot, I was able to do a few laps of Sunday's course on Saturday evening. I was bummed that we would still be doing the run up as last year we rode up the hill twice and I would much rather ride up it once then run up it.

Sunday morning, I was out on the course again. They tamed down the course a little in spots which was disappointing since technical stuff is always good for me. Warmed up, kept bouncing around before the start. My legs felt better but my start totally sucked. I was in the third row (one row of 1/2/3 and the second row of the 3/4). I had waited to register 'til Tom got paid and, unfortunately, got stuck behind some slow starters on Sunday. So, similar to Saturday, I was picking them off the whole time, going back and forth with some. I felt good on the bike mostly; although, I kept getting passed on the run up and could use a little more practice on my dismounts and mounts. I ended up 11th out of 35 finishers. I cheered on the 50+ and juniors and then we headed back home.

This weekend, I'll be doing the My Wife Inc. Cross the Domes race on Saturday. Tom and Christopher will be coming with so we can visit some friends in New Berlin, WI afterwards. Sunday is DeKalb, which I am totally psyched about -- especially the stairs/ramp thing -- except for having to be there by 7:30 a.m. in the morning to do registration. I am going to have to leave at an ungodly hour.

Yesterday was more hill sprints. Not exactly the most fun way to spend my time at Bullfrog Lake but they definitely seem to be helping for CX. = )

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