Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3rd, 5th & 49th

This past weekend marked the start of the cross season. Yippee! I went up and did the No Good Double CX race in Eagle, WI on Saturday. As I pulled into the parking lot, there was a downpour. I put on rain gear but, by the time I registered, the rain had stop. It was a great course; although, there was a lot of horse crap. I had a bad start but was mostly feeling good. I passed two girls the last lap. I thought one of them I might have been lapping and the other one I wasn't sure about. I ended up moving myself up from 4th out of 7 to 3rd in that last lap. Woo hoo! I won an awesome set of long-fingered gloves that actually fit and grabbed a bunch of the free gels.

Sunday was Jackson Park. I had to be there at 7:30 to help out with registration. That sucked but it will save me a lot of coin by the end of the season. I did pretty good. I went back and forth with Courtney from XXX but couldn't keep up her pace. I was stoked to take 5th on a fast course -- not one of my strong points. Woo hoo!

More volunteering and then I lined up for the Men's 4A. I needed more caffeine, more drink and more food by that time. It was also blatantly obvious that I had not raced with the boys in nine months. 49 out of 75 starters. Not great but it's early in the season.

I need to work on making my mounts better. I keep fumbling with the pedals. When I was riding the course beforehand though, my mounts were great. So, I know what I need to work on -- getting back on the bike and pedaling quicker and getting more aggressive. The season is definitely starting off well. It will be great if I can keep up the good results but there were quite a few of the regular girls missing from the Saturday WI race as well as Holly missing from Jackson Park and Leah still getting back in form after having to spend some time off the bike.

This weekend will be USGP and should be awesome. I love CX. = )

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Psimet said...

Nice job!..you still beat me by 4 spots.