Monday, August 23, 2010

Meltdown & Thomas

(Photo from 2Bici)
Yesterday was the Palos Meltdown. It is the closest race to me but I do not tend to have a home court advantage as it seems to get a little less technical each year and a little faster. Approximately, 3.6 miles of the 8.3-mile course was singletrack and it was all together. I have been going back and forth with Liz in the IL series and was doubtful I could beat her today.

So, my expectations were not incredibly high and I am happy to say I definitely exceeded them. I actually was close to Rachael much longer than I would have dreamed, went back and forth with Regina and managed to barely hold off Liz. I finished in 2:20, my longest race of the year and, man, could I tell. The last lap my back/hips were killing me and my hamstrings kept feeling like they were going to cramp up. Regina, having done more longer races this year, definitely had the advantage. It was still awesome to go back and forth with her. The last lap I was starting to get a little sloppy but still rode well. I got compliments on my strong riding and technical riding, which was cool. = ) It was awesome to have so many people cheering for me out on the course, particularly John S., Anne and Roger and the Half Acre gang.

Christopher got to do the kids race and he got both a red smiley face key chain and a medal so he was excited. Tom didn't do as well as he would have liked but he hadn't raced since Iola in early May and scored a free race entry from Anne (Thanks!).

The weekend before that was "Christopher's weekend." We took the RV, he got to ride Thomas at the railway museum on Saturday morning and we checked out the museum for several hours -- including him getting to play in an inflatable dragon and another bouncy thing, on a sand hill, miniature golf, with Thomas the Tank Engine toys, color, get temporary tatoos, check out a few trains and go on a ride in an old Metra car. Then, we went to a KOA where he got to play at a park, play more minature golf and swim in a pool. They had a hayride on Saturday and showed Madagascar Saturday evening. Sunday, we played at the park, miniature golf and swimming again before heading home. Oh, and on Friday a girl I went to grammar school and high school with gave Christopher her Smart Cycle that her kids weren't using and he got to play with her two little kids. And, on Sunday evening, Christopher got to ride the trails at Palos for the first time on a tag-a-long hooked up to my bike. I practially needed a weekend to recover from it but Christopher had a great time.

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