Monday, August 30, 2010

Kickapoo & 1st day of school

Christopher getting ready to ride on the tag-a-long to the first day of preschool.

We traveled down to Danville so I could race at Kickapoo on Sunday. We had actually raced here in 1999 but I could barely remember it. I was able to preride as it was getting dark on Saturday. The course was technical and fun but I was a little stressed that there were a couple of steep short climbs I couldn't get up in my 1x9. But, at the start line it ended up being me, Betsy, Bev, Rachael and a girl I believe was named Melinda. It was Melinda's second race and she would have did novice if she could have made it there early enough. Betsy, Bev and Rachael are three very speedy chicks who I will likely never beat. So, I had fun. I probably could have gone a little harder but I was confident it would not change my placing. So, I had fun. I passed a few sport men, I didn't get lapped by the expert men. Tom had hoped to ride but lost the spring from his brake while he was checking his brake pads. Not as much fun for him.

There will likely be one more mountainbike race for me and then it will be cross, cross, cross baby! I'll be volunteering at the races for the ChiCrossCup series so I'll be able to do both the Women's 123 and the Men's 4A races and hopefully scrape up enough $ to do some of the WCA races, the USGP in SunPrairie and Jingle CX. I would love to do Nats as well but I'm growing doubtful our financial situation will improve enough to make it happen.

Today was Christopher's first day of preschool for the year. He's going full days for four of the five days. He should enjoy it and I'll be able to get more work done, which will mean more $ for CX. = )

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