Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jingle CX

(Middle photo of Christopher from Nikki Cyp with other two from Tom)
Tom and I registered for Jingle Cross a really long time ago so I didn't have to feel too guilty about us taking a trip with our dismal finances. The trip part went really well -- we had heat for the whole trip as opposed to last year when we ran out of LP gas on Saturday night.

Unfortuantely, Christopher gave me a cold so I wasn't feeling real hot. I didn't have as much energy and it was effecting my technical skills a little. Still, I did better than last year. I wasn't DFL once in the five races I did. Tom was signed up to race on both Saturday and Sunday. He didn't even make a full lap on Saturday before his rear derailleur and hanger broke. On a good note, we just need a new hanger as we had switched my stuff from Shimano to SRAM last year. But, no bike for him for Sunday.

However, it did let us sign Christopher up for the kids race on Sunday. He had such a fun time riding around with all the kids before the race. He did one lap -- with a guy picking him up on his bike to carry him over the barriers. I asked him if he wanted to be done or do another lap. He says he wants to do another lap and then a kid ended up hitting Christopher's wheel and taking him down as the kid was trying to sprint past him. Christopher was crying. He didn't seem to be hurt so I asked held him and asked him if he was hurt or just scared. After a little bit, he told me he was scared and he wanted to do another lap. = ) He got loads of cheers the whole time. Probably because he was the littlest one out there -- the race was supposed to be for five and up, but they told us he could race. I was so excited for him to do his first CX race! And, he won a teddy bear. Pretty cool and definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

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