Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ending on a high note

(Photo from Amy)
I, finally, started getting excited about Montrose on Saturday evening. I got there bright and early on Sunday and it was cold but there was no snow. I prerode the course and was more excited. There were some technical aspects, a load of sand that was pretty rideable. You also had to go up the sled hill twice but it still seemed like it would suit some of my strengths. I was going to try to improve my overall standings in the series from sixth to fifth. It wasn't likely but it was possible.

I didn't have an outstanding start but I was doing good. I noticed Pamela Loebig ahead of me and thought I might have a chance to pass her. I noticed her getting up in the rocks under the viaduct and I was soon able to pass her right before the hill. I managed to keep her behind me and not let anyone else pass me for the race. I tend to start good but then get passed in later laps so I was considering this a small victory as was beating Pam. The Cat. 3 men kept passing me, though, and then crashing in front of me. By the end of the race, I was really getting annoyed by this. I ended up 10th out of 15. Tenth is lower than normal but we also had some fast girls show up for the race like Holly and Megan Korol. I beat Lara from MOX but there wasn't enough people in between us for me to take fifth in the series. She beat me by three points, which sucked a little but oh well. I still did a lot better this season in the series than I have in previous years so I can't really complain.

I was also signed up for the 4B race. I'm sorry to say that I was pretty unsocial in between races and spent quite a bit of time sitting in the car with the heat on. I was fine, temperature-wise, when I was riding but really fricken cold when I was just standing around. I did do one lap in between the Mens 123 and the 4A races but that was really it for my warm-up. Still, I lined up second row behind the series winner and was excited to get to do the last Chicago Cross Cup race of the season. And, holy cow, did I have a good race. At the end of the race, I knew I did good but really had no idea where I ended up. Some guys would pass me in the big sand pit -- they were running and I was riding. But, with my short legs, I think I may have ended up slower running. And, I would usually be able to get back past the guys later on. I waited for results. People would come up to me and tell me I did great or I rode the sandpit great and I would thank them but was a little confused. Then, they posted results. Holy crap, I was 14th!!! I had no idea I did so well. It was an awesome way to end the season.

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