Monday, September 21, 2009

No throwing up & not DFL

(photo from NikkiCyp)

The bugs won. I spent nearly 36 hours from Friday night until Sunday morning hoping to be well for Jackson Park. I did two easy warm-up laps and was kind of worried. Then, I did a hard lap and realized this was totally going to suck. It didn't help that everything I ingested made me want to throw up -- including water. I lined up anyway. I figured I paid $30 (on Thursday, when I still felt okay) so I might as well race. I started out okay but didn't have it in me. I also let too much air out of my tires and had some problems cornering because of it. But, like the title says, I didn't throw up and I managed not to be last. There were girls I felt like I could have beaten if I was healthy; but, of course, I'm not healthy. I shocked the people at preschool by actually driving Christopher today, came home and laid down for two hours before picking him back up. My mom's watching Christopher today so I can lay in bed and a relative may watch him briefly tomorrow afternoon for me too. Of course, being self-employed means no sick days so my income is definitely going to take a hit. As long as I don't drink anything, don't eat anything and lay in bed, I feel fine.

I was able to cheer on people after my race and Christopher got to play in the dirt with some new friends. Tom survived the 1,2,3 race. (No results yet though for his or my races. WTF?) And, I was able to give Ben my wheels which should be glued and ready by the cross races in Sun Prairie next weekend. Man, I hope I am.


Julie said...

Glad you made it through! Ben and I each glued one tire last night. We'll probably finish the job tonight.

vegan said...

Yea! I'm so excited!