Friday, September 11, 2009

Failed commute & CX obsessions

I had my first flat during a commute last night. I decided to try a new route out to New Lenox for a school board meeting which should have shaved at least two miles off the commute. But, the sun was setting and I was riding west so I missed my turn. It turned into an 18-mile ride as opposed to a 14-mile ride. Still, I made it just as the meeting was starting so I was still in relatively good spirits.

On the way home, I was on the planned route, things were going good. I was going through a housing development that wasn't finished so all the street lights weren't on. All of a sudden I heard a pssst. I had seen a dead huge snake on the side of the road going to Lincoln-Way Central so I immediately thought it was a snake and screamed. I, then, quickly realized I had a flat and pulled over under a working street light. It was going good. I even thought to take my skirt off (I had shorts on underneath) to keep it from getting all greasy. Pumping up the tube was a huge pain. People kept stopping and offering me a ride home. I was in Mokena at this point, I believe, and still a good chunk from home and people were assuming I was down the block. I almost had it pumped up (after a few tries) when a guy in his late 40's, early 50's walking with his wife decided he had to help me. He let all the air out, twice at least. Then, he thought he broke the stem. Well, he didn't but he had loosened it so, when I almost had it filled again, it twisted out. Crap. I got it pumped up, I thought good enough, again and started out. I only made it less than nine minutes when I got a pinch flat. I had only a cheap light for a weight savings figuring that I'd be on lit streets. I didn't see the huge bump and, as soon as I hit it, I was like oh crap. Start walking, pull out the cell phone, Tom is of course thrilled to grab a sleeping Christopher (who of course didn't stay asleep) and go pick me up. I kept walking and, let me say, walking with a bike on Wolf Road over I-80 is not for the faint of heart. Ick.

As for CX obsessions, I now "need" new wheels. I put "need" in quotes because I obviously rationally do not need them. I have wheels. But, man, I need, need, need them. I'll look odd having blinged wheels on my Trek XO1. It would be a good deal but nearly four-figures so I'm trying to get Tom's blessing, so to speak. I figure he could use them too so it's like we're getting them for half the cost, right? Obsessions can be a terrible thing. I think Tom is going to put me in a 12-step program soon.


Julie said...

the obsession is what drives an entire industry of odd bike crap!

velogrrl said...

not to mention you'll then have a set of spare wheels that you can both keep in the pit....