Monday, June 15, 2009


On Saturday morning, I decided to gamble and try to go up for the 12 Hours at John Muir. It looked like it might rain but it looked like there was a better chance it would rain at my house. It rained quite a bit as I was driving up there. By the time I got there, I was tired from the 12+ hour work day on Friday and not in a competitive mood. I told myself to go out and ride a couple of laps and that, if it wasn't fun, I'd go home and see my little guy and my injured guy. The trails were muddy and I just kept thinking that, if I crashed, who was going to change Christopher's diapers.

I rode with a girl a good part of the lap that was competing as part of a 12-hour team. I did one lap, stopped to fix my speed sensor and really had to convince myself to go back out. Most of lap 2 I had a guy behind me who wanted to chat -- and wanted me to find him a girlfriend. It was still muddy, I still wasn't having fun and the guy would come up beside me as I was trying to pick the best muddy, rocky line for uphills/downhills causing me to put a foot down and hoof it up the last part of the hill in one instance and get a handlebar in the quad during a downhill part. As I finished the lap, it started raining again. Decision made. It totally did not help that I was planning on ditching out early on the Friday event I had to work ,which my co-worker knew -- she then bought tickets to see some play and ditched the event completely meaning I didn't get home 'til late and didn't get to see Christopher before he went to sleep.

I went home after bailing from Saturday's race, helped Tom with Christopher, cuddled with Christopher, spent more than 1.5 hours mowing the jungle of our front yard with a reel mower. I was absolutely shocked, amused and somewhat embarrassed to see I actually took first in the 12-hour race. I believe the other girl was a young girl who took a spill during her first lap.

For the 12 Hours at Crystal Ridge, I plan on not working the night before, tucking my son in the night before and coming with my game face.

Tom's still on the mend. The pain is not as bad but he's getting back spasms from the arm sling. Two weeks down. Hopefully only four to go. It's been a very, very long two weeks for both him and me.

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Julie said...

Hey, 1st place is 1st place! You could have stuck around and you wouldn't have improved you placing... ;)