Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good deed

I decided sort of last minute to try to get a ride in before it rained. I grabbed some bike shorts and one of Tom's jerseys that were hanging up to dry and rushed to pick Christopher up from summer camp. We get to the paved trail start up a hill and Christopher says "Mommy, it's raining." Crap. I put the rain cover down and continue. It starts raining harder. Crap. So, at the top of the hill (where there is a "T" intersection), I turn us around and start back. It eases up so I decided to aim for an hour ride and go to the lake, do a little more meandering and start on the spur back to my house. I pass a guy stopped and then my mind starts wandering. I hear the "on your left" and apologize as I had been taking up most of the trail. I then get to see him crash magnificiently. The trail curves after crossing the street I was going to hop off the trail at and he took it too fast for the wet conditions. I cross the street and stay on the trail to see if he's okay, ask if he wants me to call for an ambulance as I see blood on his arm and think of Tom's crash a couple of weeks before. He says he's fine.

I notice Christopher is passed out and I have just over an hour so I decide to cruise around a little. I get to the next street and turn back -- the guy is still sitting on the ground. Hmm. I ride down a side street 'til the next busy street and turn around and come back. The guy is up but walking his bike. Turns out he got a flat. I have everything but the pump which he has. He's impressed as I start changing the tire. Then, of course, I can't get the tire back on. He gets the last bit on. Then, as usual, I have problems getting the pump off without half of the air coming back out.

Eventually, I get him on his way telling him to avoid to big bumps and I actually got 1 hour, 30 minutes in. Yea! Now, it's raining again and I'm doubting ever being able to ride my mountain bike again.

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spicyride said...

I don't doubt you'll be able to ride your mountain bike again. Your mountain bike on dirt OTH...