Sunday, January 18, 2009

Doug Thiessen

(from Maryland GOP)
Photo from the 10-year reunion held in 2001

I just found out on Saturday that Doug Thiessen died. He died Jan. 9 after an accident while downhill skiing in Penn. I went to high school with him. Being the honors/AP geeks that we were, we had almost every single class together throughout our four years there. We were on several clubs together, both played tennis, etc. I would consider him more a friend, than acquaintance although most of our hanging out was at school. I dated him briefly my senior year and went with him and my friend Christopher to a Violet Femmes concert the summer after my freshman year in college. I last saw and spoke to him at the reunion. A bunch of us all sat together at the same table talking about school, what we were doing now etc. I remember talking about his kids and how they were at his parents, teasing each other, etc.

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