Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Speaking of the holidays, Christopher does not have pre-school for the next two weeks and my mother is also not watching him (she usually takes him one afternoon a week) for the next two weeks. They may lock me up in a little padded room by the beginning of January. Last week, he urinated on the carpet once; defecated once partially on his potty seat and partially on the floor; and, when I didn't immediately change his diaper after he said "poopie," he took his diaper off, dumped most of it out and then shook the diaper to get the last bit out. The dog ate it before I could stop him which then made Christopher extremely upset.

On a more amusing note to me (I'm sure what I just wrote is very amusing to most people), my poor little son is already becoming a freak. With me as his mother, I knew he was doomed but I didn't expect it so early. He has taken to riding his little bike, getting off, picking it up and walking with it a little and then getting back on to ride again. I have to try to videotape it or at least get a photo of it because it is so insanely obvious that he has been to way too many cross races. = )

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velogrrl said...

I admit it, the part about the diaper and the dog had me laughing! Hope things don't get too much crazier!

Have a Merry Christmas!