Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This past Sunday was the Black Partridge Open race. I did really well in this race two years ago -- keeping ahead of two speedy ladies and riding well. Last year, I felt horrible on the bike. So, this year, my goal was do better than the year before. I'm sure the Racing Ralph's, rigid fork and starting the race overheated didn't help last year's performance so it wasn't asking much to do better this year.

The course is mostly fun singletrack with a few climbs. Rachael and I were the only ones pre-registered. I knew we'd have a small field but did not realize that we would be the only expert ladies lining up. Besides wanting to do better than last year, I also wanted to stay ahead of the sport ladies. We're off, at the same time as the expert guys, and I'm excited that I'm actually mostly keeping up with Rachael. I slide back some and, then, slide out on one of the turns. I'm still at times over-thinking logs and turning, trying to remember the tips Alison Dunlap gave us at the clinic on Mother's Day, and the sliding out didn't help. I see Rachael finishing going through the grassy start/finish area as I am entering it.

I had my Garmin wrapped around a foam thing on my handlebars and it starts coming loose my second lap. I try fiddling with it while riding so I don't have to stop. I spend way too long doing that and realize that I have to stop or I will likely lose it or break it. Not thinking clearly, I stop in the middle of the trail. Oops. I apologize to the sport guy that comes up behind me and, then, crap. A sport girl passes me. I am determined not to finish behind a sport lady again so I kick it up a notch. As I'm in the double-track, a little before the field and start/finish, I'm still wondering how far back the sport girl is and see Rachael up ahead of me. So, I figure to see if I can pass her. I realize I won't be able to make it stick but I figure why not. I actually cross the line to start lap 3 ahead of her. She says "You realize we have another lap, right?" I did but my body apparently did not. = )

I kept trying to push it the third lap but it was definitely harder -- I used up quite a bit of energy with the second half of the second lap and it was really hot. Still, I rolled in for second place four minutes behind Rachael. She was having some stomach issues but is still one heck of a speedy lady and extremely talented rider. So, I finished close behind Rachael, kept the sport girls behind me and rode pretty well. And, I got handed a plastic cup as I got on the podium. I'm wondering what the heck kind of lame award is this; and, then realize it has $40 cash and a medal inside. Sweet!

The photo is of Christopher at the park yesterday.
Thanks to those of you who have expressed concern/interest about my mom. She is a pretty private person but I will say that she is doing well and is one tough lady. = )

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