Monday, December 5, 2011


(Photo courtesy of Amy Dykema.)

Sunday was the last CX race in the Chicago series. It is always awesome. I was bummed to not be able to race last year and so excited that I could do the last race in the series. So excited that I decided to race four times. I preregistered for the 30+, Women's 123 and 4B races. When I started volunteering at registration, I started a 4A wait list with my name on it and snagged the first DNS spot.

It was actually above 50 degrees in the morning, which was incredible and wonderful for a December race. I squeezed in one lap but was, otherwise, at registration until lining up for the 30+ race. The course had a gazillion sand pits, tight turns, a short muddy hike-up and climbing up the sled hill. It was mainly a good course for me -- except the sled hill climb and short run up. My hand was not happy with the bumpiness of the course but is very close to 100%.

The 30+ was really just a warm-up for the women's race. I definitely warmed up and wasn't last. I ended up 16th out of 21 (with 1 DNF) in the women's race. I think I could have snagged 15th if we had another lap. It wasn't an awesome performance but definitely good considering my time away with my broken hand.

After the first two races, I was back at registration until I lined up for the 4A race. The temperature had dropped 15-20 degrees. I decided to race with my heavy jersey underneath my PSIMET jersey and definitely was too warm. It's easy to forget how much body heat you generate doing a CX race.

I had decided beforehand to use the 30+ as a warm-up/pre-ride, race my butt off in the women's race & then have fun for the 4A & 4B. So, I did race. But, I also did stop several times for $ hand-ups. With my gloves I quickly found out that it is really hard to grab money while riding. So, I stopped and, at times, backed up to collect $. I ended up with $4 from the 4A & $8 from the 4B. Since I volunteered, I only had to pay $5 to race which meant I ended up $7 ahead. For the 4B race, I actually ended up in 52nd place.

(Photo courtesy of Amy Dykema.)
I felt fine afterwards but was exhausted by the time I got home. My body is definitely sore today.

The new bike & the new tires/wheels are totally awesome. I had several people tell me how hot my bike is. = )

Next on tap is Badger CX, which I had preregistered for before I broke my hand. I'll likely do the Afterglow as well. Nationals reg rates go up at the end of the week so I'll have to try to figure out what I plan to do. I'll likely reg for the age group race, which is Friday afternoon. The B race is early Wednesday morning and I'd likely have to drive up that day so I'm still going back and forth. I'm at 27 CX races for the year. I love, love, love CX.

(Thanks to Ronit Bezalel for making me appear fast.)

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