Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Parties & Racing/Training

Saturday was Christopher's fifth birthday. He ended up having almost a birthday week. He saw his first movie at a movie theater (Cars 2) on Wednesday. Friday was his birthday party for his friends at the Jump Zone. He had an awesome time, as you can imagine. Saturday he opened his gifts from us, then had his family birthday party at a park and then he got to see the Wiggles, as I had won free tickets. His birthday ended with our neighbors having movie night. On Sunday, we went to the CIMBA race -- Christopher got to do the kids race and play with the other kids so he had a ball.

I went looking at it as a training race. It was four laps of less than five miles of multi-track. As training, it went well. I had my fastest speed on the first lap, as you would expect. But, my fourth/last lap actually had the second fastest speed and I was starting to pick off sport guys. So, the race was a definite success. As a bonus, I won $30 which is going into my new CX frame fund. = )

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