Friday, January 1, 2010

CX & Year-end wrap ups

(Photos of Christopher, at Grandma's, loading up his new robot to shoot and a hug)
Well, I'm a little late, but I've been wanting to do a cross season wrap up. I did a total of 30 races.
10 Women's 123 races in the Chicago Cross Cup series, taking sixth
4 Women's 3 races in the Wisconsin Cycling Association's cyclocross series, taking 10th
4 Women's 35+ races -- The USGP Planet Bike Cup & Jingle Cross
3 Women's 2/3 races at Jingle Cross
5 Men's 4B races in the Chicago Cross Cup series, taking 40th
4 Men's 4A races in the Chicago Cross Cup series
In addition, I did three of the Church Cross and one Bandit Cross training race and was able to make it to a few of the Beverly Vee Pak CX practices. I love cross because it is loads of fun but also because of the great community.

It was an awesome year for me for cross. I had three races where I took 5th including 5th out of 13 at Northbrook -- my best women's race. I also took 14th in the Men's 4b at Montrose, which rocked.

As for the year, I rode 4,523 miles -- which includes, racing, commuting, mountainbiking and a few trainer miles. I also ran more than 203 miles. Shocking for me. I actually ran five miles today, stopping after the first 10 minutes to drop off the dog and change gloves.

Race wise for the year, the focus was definitely cross but I managed to get some road races in -- mainly crits, which I did a shockingly high number of 15 or 16, including two or three of the Matteson training crits and two outdoor time trials (yuck) in addition to the indoor time trials my club, ABD, puts on. Unfortunately, I only did a few mountainbike races:
Two WEMS 12 hours that I didn't actually do the whole 12 hours, the Palos Meltdown and four WORS races, including Lake Geneva where I DNF'd after I crashed and rang my bell, so to speak, and killed my helmet.

This year is still totally up in the air as Tom will be out of a job by the end of February if he does not find a new one first. I want to focus on cross again and I would like to again do a few road and mountainbike races but it depends on our finances. I've told Tom that, if our finances improve, I would be fine going to WORS races for him & Christopher to race as long as I get to do a long ride on the course during the pre-ride. Tom's small trading group did meet with another firm yesterday and will meet with a different firm next week. "Hope. Hope." (Quote from the film "True Romance.")

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Julie said...

sorry to hear about Tom's job, that's tough news. I'm sure things will work out though. best of luck in the new year!