Monday, August 10, 2009

A good week

I rode a total of five different bikes this past week and was able to ride my mountain bike three days with different trails each time. It was a good week.

My old hardtail Juliana is hooked up to Christopher's little Trek and Christopher now asks for his helmet on and to get "Mommy's green bike and my blue bike." My kid is three and already bugging me to ride. Awesome. = )

I also went to the bandit Church Cross on Sunday morning. It was a great layout and it felt awesome to be on my cross bike and hopping over barriers. I was even happy to look down and see my heartrate so fricken high. Yes, I'm insane. I opted to ride out there, which wasn't bad, but riding back home in the heat after the all-out effort was brutal. I definitely should've brought an extra Gu with me.

I should have worked this morning while Christopher was at summer camp but snuck in an hour ride on some singletrack before the forecasted rain. It hasn't rained yet which is even better since I'd like to log some more time at Palos before the race.

I'm planning on doing Downers Grove so I'll probably do the Matteson training crit tomorrow. Downers is a huge race and I'm interested to see how I'll do but it's hard for me to get excited about a road race. Now, Palos -- that I'm totally psyched for. I've been feeling good and have my fingers crossed that I can actually stay healthy for a couple of weeks.


Julie said...

... I'm mad excited for Palos too!

BBVP said...

You should have taken the Mike and Ike's when I offered them, a little sugar goes a long way.

Did your seat hold up the rest of the way home? You should probably fire your mechanic for making that rookie error, I hear that Ben has a really good mechanic!

vegan said...

When you offered the Mike & Ike's, I still felt like I may puke.

The seat held up and Tom tightened it when I got home. Maybe Julie can give Tom some lessons. = )