Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to life

I was sick all of last week. It really sucked -- especially, since I had so much crap going on last week, which I'm sure is one of the reasons that it's been more than a week and I'm still not quite back to 100%. I'm mostly better but I still have crap stuck in my lung/chest area. After climbing up a hill, I'm hacking for awhile.

I went out on a long ride yesterday evening. I rode from my house to Canal Trail and then did as much as last year's Meltdown course as I could remember, thinking it'd be better to have a planned route. It was a lot of fun but I kept getting lost on the multi-track. My mother had Christopher this afternoon so I kind of played hooky and rode back doing Canal Trail and then the course from two years ago and back. There was plenty of work-related stuff I should have been doing but I just needed another fix before it rains again.

The photo is of Christopher in his Elmo costume. He refused to wear it last Halloween and yesterday I couldn't get him out of it until he was a big sweaty mess. Christopher enjoyed his second race at Kewaskum. Me, not so much. But, it was an okay race-effort. Looking at my heart rate monitor after the race, it seemed my heart rate was too low and then, waking up the next morning sick as a dog, it makes a little more sense. Poor Christopher will not be racing at Alterra as both Tom & I are registered. But, he'll be with his fan club and will get ice cream and other goodies. The fan club may only be able to watch him part of the day though so we have to figure out if we have to take two cars or if I have to try to hitch a ride home.

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Julie said...

glad you're feeling better!