Monday, November 17, 2008


Photo courtesy of Amy

On Saturday, I went up to Whitewater for the cross race. It was a fun course but short and had a brutal climb that I did 8 times. I was 7th out of 8 but was pretty happy with my race. I was riding well. I was taking turns good -- and even got some compliments a couple of laps on this slick downhill to a 180 turn and then up again. I rode the sandpit good. And, I made riding up the hill all 8 times.

Sunday was Lansing. It is the closest cross race to my house with a less than half-hour drive. However, I had one of my worst races here last year. It is very flat and was not really technical last year. This year, I think it was even less technical. They took out a section that you had to go around some trees. You barely had to brake for any of the turns and the only technical part being the sandpit. Last year, it was the first race my teammate beat me at and I thought that might well be the case this year.

Yup. I was ahead of Sue for the first part of the race and then it seemed like she came speeding past me. I tried to draft but fell off. Looking at my lap times, she didn't come speeding past me but my speed was just dropping. My first lap was about 6:13 and my second to last lap was 7:40, I think, which I dropped to 7:05 for the last lap. A girl from SRAM beat me as well who I've beat the other couple of races she did. I was initially disappointed and annoyed -- particularly, that I was riding the sandpit so poorly (as in not riding it very far at all). But, I think I was so redlined I just couldn't accelerate enough before the sand. On a good note, my first lap was so much quicker because I was actually hanging with the group for longer than usual.

I'm really bummed that there are only one race this weekend for both Wisconsin and the Chicago series and, yet, they are both on Sunday. I really liked the Hales Corners course last year and am sick of riding around on just grass. I'm sure Jingle Cross will be fun but do not know how I will survive doing four races in two days (Women's 2/3 and Women's 35+).

In case, anyone hadn't heard -- Chicagoland Bicycle Federation has changed its name to the Active Transportation Alliance. Personally, I like the old logo better but I'm sure that's why they had consultants help with the change and not me.

Also, a big THANKS! to everyone who took time to fill out a survey for me at the Lansing race. = )

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Julie said...

glad you had a fun weekend! i'm with ya on CBF.